Thursday, July 15, 2010

once i held a pony by its flying mane.

or, why i love vintage, part 2.

everyday i'm getting closer and closer to the day that i can start riding my sweet little sophie-horse. i'm so excited about it that i even dream about it most nights. and so, i guess its inevitable that i'm wishful thinking about what to wear, so that we can be the most dashing pair to gallop round the neighbourhood.

here are a few wishes and thoughts. bear with me.

from the film coco avant chanel.
obvious choice really to channel chanel/tautou. especially the embroidered jacket. oh and her pretty bows and ties.

from mad men.
betty draper's billowy old fashioned jodhpurs in the first picture. i want a pair of these real bad. good luck to me with that though. also her bow blouses and silk scarves.
sources: and

and from the film national velvet. of course.
sailor blouses, and those jodhpurs again. sigh.

okay, now all i have to do is rummage and shop.

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