Friday, June 25, 2010

far away in another town.

this navy blue cape is exactly what i want to be wearing right now.

so, its goodbye for a week or so, as i'm off to the lowveld on holiday.

under my umbrella.

a beautiful print dress from esme and the lane way.

Friday, June 18, 2010

dresses need good homes. part 2.

i can't believe i just saw this now, but i'm so glad i did.

remember a while back i gave away a bunch of dresses and all you all thought i was mad? well they all went to a girl i never met, indianna, and in exchange she gave me a box full of the prettiest jewellery (will post pictures soon).

it truly was just such an amazing experiencing connecting with a someone, who was previously a stranger, through my blog. i hope its just the first of many.

anyway. today i saw that indianna posted a couple of pictures on her blog, quirk, where she is wearing her new dresses. i'm so glad to see them loved and worn.

she also wrote this post about the whole experience from her side... thank you indianna! i can't wait to meet you for reals.

for old times sake.

i was organising my closet the other day when i came across this 1970's dress i bought a few years back at my beloved bellbottoms in pretoria. i was really into the 60's and 70's back in my student years, but now i can't seem to pull off the bright colours and bold patterns as well anymore.
perhaps i'm getting old and boring :)

anyway. this dress was one of a whole closetful that used to belong to a lady who worked for a big, fashionable department store back her youth, and she bought so many dresses (probably on store discount!) that there were several that still had the tags on, never worn, and also several of the same dress just in different colours.

that day i came home with pretty much a truckload of dresses, and i wore them constantly, but now, years later, most of them are sold or given away. i'm holding onto only a handful of them, including this one, that even if i don't wear them so much anymore, i just can't bear to part with.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

you know you live in africa when...

so, no blog posts for ages because some little bugger stole the copper out of the phone lines of our building at work. so, no phones and no internet. ah well, its africa. these things happen.

back to business. i poke around a lot on etsy for dress inspiration, because, really, there's always so much good stuff to look at. here are my tuesday favourites. i hope you enjoy them too.

a 1960's wiggle dress with a sharp collar, and the low dip of it at the back reminds me a bit of the latest dear creatures collection's collars, which i love. and i'm not sure if its clear on this picture, but it has little buttons down the back too. a plus. from allen company inc.

peter pan collars and bows... i never tire of these. this is an exquisite little hand stitched 1930's dress. and there's the sweetest little story behind it too! from thirteen eighty five.

there is something architectural about this 1940's dress's sleeves and giant bow that i love. its not girly, like one would expect from a dress with a giant pink bow. its sophisticated and lady-like and grown up. i would find any excuse to wear this dress as often as i can, and feel all sophisticated and lady-like and grown up and stuff. from thrush.

okay, that's about all from me today.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

how to embrace a creature.

dear creatures is one of my most favourite things in the world, but perhaps my only chance of getting hold of one of their things down here in SA seemed to be the calivintage dress from modcloth. so i damn well got it. and its really really pretty. dear creatures, i love you.

ross took this picture of me last night, while he was trying to give me a photography lesson. the dress is quite a summer dress, but hells, i wasnt not gonna wear it even though here its dead of winter, so: cardigan. also, note here are my new spectacles...what do you guys think?

Friday, June 4, 2010

if you were to ask me.

i think might be pretty obvious that my favourite south african designer would be abigail betz. its all fifties and tailored and bows and full skirts and peter pan collars. and fur stole. with bows. its obvious.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tuesday partly sunny.

i've been envying this dress for, well, lets just say a while... but i just cant find anything like it anywhere. luck is not my friend.