Thursday, May 27, 2010

almost like being in love.

that's exactly how i felt when i saw this dress on stawberry koi.
i've pretty much been obsessed with dresses and blouses that button down the back (even though it can get pretty awkward to get yourself buttoned up in them without assistance, its worth it).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bye bye.

as if the world wasn't already sad enough - i just blogged about lyell's new spring line a short while ago, and this morning i opened up sally jane vintage's blog to find out that lyell is no more. so sad that all the prettiness will be gone, even for us fools down here in the R of SA who would never even have gotten a fingertip on anything of theirs.

love lyell... from lyell on Vimeo.

Monday, May 24, 2010

dresses need good homes.

here are only a few of the dresses i'm taking over to deerhunter tommorow, they all need loving new homes. i wanted to take more pictures of the rest of the stuff, but then my camera died and went to heaven. but, theres loads more.

1. beige ballet inspired dress. worn once. so pretty, but too short on me.
2. red and white gingham dress, with buttons down the front, and tuxedo style bib detail.
3. same dress as number 2. just in black and white gingham, and a size smaller.
4. 1970's vintage yellow and cream paisley print dress. knee length, with a few pleats in the skirt for a little bit of flare.
5. 1980's vintage black polka dot drop waist sailor dress with white collar and details embroidered in red.
6. cute and strange little tiger t-shirt, with slits up the sides, and sweet little yellow and black striped cap sleeves.
5. blue and red plaid i love leroy, baby doll cotton dress. too short for me again! :(

go have a look...

Friday, May 21, 2010

four eyes.

i really need to get new glasses because my eyes have been freaking out a little from having to stare at a computer screen all day. fair enough. problem is, i really have a mental block thing against glasses because i wore them as a kid, and, lets just say, the other kids weren't very nice to me. so now, as a scarred adult, spectacles look amazing to me on other people...on everyone, actually. except on myself. sad little story.

anyway, i have to get over that hurdle, so i was thinking of getting a pair of frames like these. miss pandora makes them look so easy. and wonderful.
what do you guys think?

ps. have a happy weekend everyone, x

Thursday, May 20, 2010

all the pretty bells.

hats by behida dolic.

i am now officially a hat person.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

blair vs me.

last night saw the return of my infamous insomnia, so i ended up watching gossip girl all night. i'm not a fan, but i do sit through an episode every now and again to see 'What Blair Wore Last Night'. i know season 1 is old, and i'm obviously super behind on this topic, but these 'WBWLN'-dresses are still pretty awesome.

mustard yellow, buttons, bows and mutton sleeves... bliss.

my obsession with navy is no secret, so obviously this 40's inspired nautical wiggle dress is a favourite.

and finally this one, personally it reminds me of a 20's/30's flapper or party dress. i especially love the beaded 'collar'-like detail of the straps.

DIY it:
the navy dress above on the left actually looks to me like the exact one blair is wearing. imagine that.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i can't believe this morning i actually stood in front of my closet and thought to myself, i don't have a thing to wear.

anyway, i'll get over that, i hope.
this afternoon i came across this little dress from ana!s while tinkering away on the net, and thought to myself, its amazing how a sweet lace collar transform a relatively plain dress into something special.

and then i thought to myself, a separate little lace or beaded collar could perhaps be a fine solution to a cupboard full of boring dresses.

and then i looked at these with a mmm expression on my face.

and that, my friends, is my little trickle of consciousness for the day.

Friday, May 14, 2010

frankie makes me happy.

i just got my paws on the may/june issue, and found this amazing article that is very bird don't sing appropriate. (apologies if its a bit too small to read) and while we're on the topic of the shop...things are moving forward faster and faster for me, i'm pretty excited, so look out for pretty bird don't sing frocks soon!
have a happy weekend everyone.

orla kiely.

although i'm not as fond of the new collection as i was of their previous stuff, there are a few very pretty pieces i would want to afford. high waisted skirts in navy and fawn (with ruffles!), little boy shorts suits and sweet 40's style day dresses.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the old days.

i've infected ross with my adoration of photographer august sander.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my favourite dresses #1.

a duck print? yes. i know its pretty strange, but this 1950's cotton daydress is one of my treasured ones. it has full skirt, fitted waist, and a row of cute little buttons down the front. print aside, its a simple and flattering pattern thats really versatile, i think. does anyone else like it? (i'm making up patterns soon, so input will be super appreciated.)

this week i have been feeling super bored. and consequently i've felt too boring to think of anything to post here. but here are a few super pretty street portraits that i found in some old folders on my laptop. cant remember where theyre all from though.
feast your eyes.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

dream for me.

this 1920's smocked dress is amazing. its probably not something one would wear every day, in case of a tea or red wine spillage disaster (almost inevitable in my case). but even just to look at, its what romantic would look like if it were made of fabric.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

two too.

i love kirsten dunst. so much that i feel that i can call her kiki like we're friends. now, the fact that these photos made it onto the pages of go fug yourself, means that this next statement is probably rather controversial, but i LOVE these two dresses. love love love love. the smocky one is one i would wear everyday if it were mine. everyday and every night. not sure if i would be able to take it off to wash it, i'll probably have to bath with it on. and i'll be happy.

and this crazy rodarte one - makes me wanna ditch work and go home and dig up bits of wool and make one myself. and the fact that i cant knit wont matter! it'll just be more awesome!

am i crazy?

wishful thinking.

these are two of my favourite dresses/looks from the sartorialist.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


dear wallet, i did you wrong. i broke the truce between us and bought this jacket. i am sorry, but given the chance to do it all again, yes i friggin still would! i hope you can understand someday (i'll make it up to you i promise).