Monday, May 24, 2010

dresses need good homes.

here are only a few of the dresses i'm taking over to deerhunter tommorow, they all need loving new homes. i wanted to take more pictures of the rest of the stuff, but then my camera died and went to heaven. but, theres loads more.

1. beige ballet inspired dress. worn once. so pretty, but too short on me.
2. red and white gingham dress, with buttons down the front, and tuxedo style bib detail.
3. same dress as number 2. just in black and white gingham, and a size smaller.
4. 1970's vintage yellow and cream paisley print dress. knee length, with a few pleats in the skirt for a little bit of flare.
5. 1980's vintage black polka dot drop waist sailor dress with white collar and details embroidered in red.
6. cute and strange little tiger t-shirt, with slits up the sides, and sweet little yellow and black striped cap sleeves.
5. blue and red plaid i love leroy, baby doll cotton dress. too short for me again! :(

go have a look...


  1. Beautiful!! How much are they? i love the paisley dress!

  2. free to good home! (till i take them to deerhunter later of course)
    email me your address and i'll work out how to get it to you.

  3. I've e-mailed you!
    Beautiful blog!
    I shall become a regular follower!

  4. Dear Sandra...
    The dresses are SO beautiful.
    Thank you!
    I think you may have started something amazing.

    Expect a pictorial response... will let you know.

  5. so glad you like them..yes am expecting some pictures (in stern voice) but i know i owe you some too, the jewels are super lovely, thanks you thank you! i really like what we did here too... we shouldnt be strangers :)