Friday, May 21, 2010

four eyes.

i really need to get new glasses because my eyes have been freaking out a little from having to stare at a computer screen all day. fair enough. problem is, i really have a mental block thing against glasses because i wore them as a kid, and, lets just say, the other kids weren't very nice to me. so now, as a scarred adult, spectacles look amazing to me on other people...on everyone, actually. except on myself. sad little story.

anyway, i have to get over that hurdle, so i was thinking of getting a pair of frames like these. miss pandora makes them look so easy. and wonderful.
what do you guys think?

ps. have a happy weekend everyone, x


  1. i wore contacts for years and years. then i finally bought a pair of eyeglasses, and never looked back. i feel naked without them.

    i recommend buying a pair just to wear around the house, and see if you like them. wal-mart and costco have some stylish pairs that don't cost a mint.

  2. i actually got me pair of spectacles now, theyre pretty cool i guess. i'll put up spme pictures soon. i look like a proper librarian! x