Tuesday, June 15, 2010

you know you live in africa when...

so, no blog posts for ages because some little bugger stole the copper out of the phone lines of our building at work. so, no phones and no internet. ah well, its africa. these things happen.

back to business. i poke around a lot on etsy for dress inspiration, because, really, there's always so much good stuff to look at. here are my tuesday favourites. i hope you enjoy them too.

a 1960's wiggle dress with a sharp collar, and the low dip of it at the back reminds me a bit of the latest dear creatures collection's collars, which i love. and i'm not sure if its clear on this picture, but it has little buttons down the back too. a plus. from allen company inc.

peter pan collars and bows... i never tire of these. this is an exquisite little hand stitched 1930's dress. and there's the sweetest little story behind it too! from thirteen eighty five.

there is something architectural about this 1940's dress's sleeves and giant bow that i love. its not girly, like one would expect from a dress with a giant pink bow. its sophisticated and lady-like and grown up. i would find any excuse to wear this dress as often as i can, and feel all sophisticated and lady-like and grown up and stuff. from thrush.

okay, that's about all from me today.


  1. Lovely!
    I always look forward to posts...
    More more more!!!

  2. you have the most inspired posts. peter pan collars,floral prints, and bows make me swoon.