Friday, June 18, 2010

for old times sake.

i was organising my closet the other day when i came across this 1970's dress i bought a few years back at my beloved bellbottoms in pretoria. i was really into the 60's and 70's back in my student years, but now i can't seem to pull off the bright colours and bold patterns as well anymore.
perhaps i'm getting old and boring :)

anyway. this dress was one of a whole closetful that used to belong to a lady who worked for a big, fashionable department store back her youth, and she bought so many dresses (probably on store discount!) that there were several that still had the tags on, never worn, and also several of the same dress just in different colours.

that day i came home with pretty much a truckload of dresses, and i wore them constantly, but now, years later, most of them are sold or given away. i'm holding onto only a handful of them, including this one, that even if i don't wear them so much anymore, i just can't bear to part with.



  1. this is a great dress, and it looks really fantastic on you. your specs look wonderful on you by the way

  2. Sandra you HAVE to keep your most beloved dresses, if you are planning on having any children one day they'll thank you for it. I'm a second hand shop trawler myself and 50's, 60's style dresses are my most prized possessions.