Monday, August 16, 2010

why i love vintage, part 2.

sensible shoes.

or, missing the days before scary victoria beckham monster shoes.
or rather, i am turning into my mother before my very own eyes.

i suppose this post is inspired in a way by the current orthopedic shoe trend (worishofers anyone?), which i approve of. i have had a soft spot for our local greencross shop since they brought out those beautiful leather brogues a few years ago with the cushiony arch support and the heel that won't kill you, and i love finding a pretty vintage shoe with a heel of an only inch or so that are both lady-like and your granny would approve of.

here are a few of my favourite dorky-comfy vintage specimens:


- i found these orthopedic klinik two tone pumps at the hospice shop on louis botha. they kind of make me think of a WWII nurse's shoes. which is good.


- these nude leather slingbacks belonged to my norwegian granny, so they are priceless to me. my gran was a shoe fiend like myself - she had a whole flippen closet just for her shoes. so its in the genes.


- i got these black cut out peep toes from bellbottoms in pretoria, my absolute favourite shop ever. they've got a bit of a 40's structural look about them, which i like, but in reality they're probably much younger than that. i'm not good at guessing though, so i won't.


- my mom had a pair of brown tasseled pumps similar to these when i was a kid, which probably explains why i was drawn to this pair when i saw them in deerhunter in greenside.


- these lace ups are also from deerhunter, and although they are not heels, they are strange little dorky platform orthopedic shoes, so they count.


- and lastly, these are not vintage, but i just had to include them. i bought them at an old lady shoe shop in portugal, and my friend leslie called them 'the unsexiest shoes ever'. well, i thought they were pretty cute...


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  1. absolutely lovely collection!