Wednesday, September 8, 2010

there's a reason we all love the sartorialist.

here's a few of mine.
nothing new; i was looking through his archives for wardrobe references for a work project yesterday. his photos and vintage photo competitions are always so inspiring.


something lacy and something military.


although furs are not my thing (especially the ones that still have their faces), i do quite like the old fashioned grace of a vintage one when i see it worn well (on other people).


cutting the sleeves off a old men's sportscoat.


i've got many a brogue, but i've been wanting a pair of loafers with buckles.


i actually got a cloche the other day from this new shop in cresta whose name i just cant remember right now. it made me quite happy... i've been wearing it around the house constantly, but it still has to make its public debut. i could really start a hat collection right about now.


i never would have thought bright socks would make me love an outfit, but here it does.


vintage and feminine.

Ena Frias

years, (and probably generations) later, and this outfit is just as gorgeous and perfect.

Chloe Daley

lets go to brighton beach with our victorian boots.
jeffrey campbell brought out a victorian inspired pair on modcloth recently by the way. i cant decide whethter they are cute or not quite. still kind of want them though.


the perfect dress.

Chloe Daley2

safari outfit made cool.


this outfit feels like the elements of it clash in the best way possible.

From Me To You

personally i couldn't pull off the cigarette and gun, but i want me a pair of men's jeans rolled up.

all pictures from the sartorialist.


  1. I want a pair of rolled up men's jeans, this is a sexy look

  2. That yellow sock look went right into my inspiration folder.

  3. thanks for your comments...i really appreciate it!