Thursday, April 15, 2010

and finally

here is one of my own vintage dresses. just a simple one from the 70's with a peter pan collar and a tulip skirt. one of the few 70's dresses i have left after my almost apocalyptic spring clean a month ago. i literally must've gotten rid of dozens of dresses. but it feels good, strangely.

below is a snap of a bunny who was lounging on the sidewalk just watching the world go by. he lies there every single day, and when he's done snoozing, he just darts back under the gate into the yard he belongs to. smart rabbit.


  1. this dress has a sweet floral print and darling peter pan collar. i also love the doggy pin. could that bunny be any cuter??

  2. thanks so much!
    yea that bunny gets me everytime. he's one of my favourite things.