Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the first one.

okay, so this is a new blog. but unlike my other one, this one has a definite purpose. not just mucking around. for a while i’ve wanted to start my own dress shop, because as everyone who’s ever seen me will know, i am obsessive about dresses. and i want everyone else to be too. share the love, so to speak. so the dresses i want to make are going to be the type of dresses i like, 40’s 50’s 60’s type stuff. it’s going to be called bird don’t cry. thought of that all by myself.


money doesn’t grow on trees, since i recently bought a horse, its definitely been autumn in my wallet. so this might take bit longer than i wanted it to. in the meantime, while i get the ball rolling, i’ll show you some of my own pretty dresses, and also dresses that belong to other people that i wish i had. (and hopefully will make myself someday. ha ha.)

but let me remind myself why the delay: sophie brown, the prettiest little filly in the whole wide world, and why it was soooo worth it.

here’s a picture of her so you tell me you don’t agree…

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