Wednesday, April 21, 2010

why i love vintage, part 1.

cut off at the knees.

just the other day i gave away another adorable unworn 'new' dress, because i just couldnt find a way to wear it. the story of my life. for me its very hard to find a new dress that fits. i'm pretty tall you see, and perhaps a little on the prudish side, so i mostly like my dresses to be on, or below my knees. but that is very rarely what sells in the department stores. most often, store bought dresses are mini dresses, which could be lovely too, except on slightly taller girls like me, their length become pretty much indecent. and if i do find something in a shop thats meant to be cut to knee length, on me its just another mini dress. sigh.

so, although technically, vintage dresses that fit should be harder to find, for me, its way way easier. especially dresses from the 30's 40's and 50's. mostly they are longer, and if they happen to be a little big, no worries, just belt it around the waist and it'll look awesome.

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  1. i'm quite petite, but knee-length is my preference too in dresses and skirts.